Measuring module optical microscope

Monoviewideomicroscope with zoom lens is designed to display magnified images of various objects on a computer monitor screen. It is used for positioning of AFM working area and indentor of nanohardness meter as well as for measuring geometric dimensions of microelements on the studied surface: metal microcrystals, grains of powder composites, conductive tracks of microboard, MEMS, etc.
Modes and techniques:
Hardness measurement by imprint or scratch;
fracture toughness analysis;
Grain size analysis;
Generation of grain size distribution function.

Technical specifications:
visible digital magnification: up to 1500X;
smooth change of magnification: 0.58x - 7x;
field of view, mm: from 1.57 x 2.09 to 0.13 x 0.17;
working distance: 35mm;
digital ocular USB camera.

Wide choice of illumination options: shadowless ring, fiber optic, fluorescent, coaxial, LED. Possibility to install polarization kit.
Magnification adjustment:
  • manual, with a mechanism for fixing the magnification at its integer multiplicity along the course of the zoom;
  • motorized change of magnification.

Additional features:
  • automatic focusing;
  • automatic scaling of the field of view when changing the magnification;
  • correction of uneven light effects.
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