Measurement module
3-axis laser heterodyne interferometer

The interferometer module is designed as a compact embedded system for real-time measurements. The source of radiation is a single-frequency stabilized HeNe-laser with 1 mW power (wavelength = 632.991084 nm, the relative instability of optical frequency during 8 hours of operation is less than 3.10-9).
The main purpose is to determine metrological characteristics of other scanning probe microscopes, to ensure reliability of measurements of linear dimensions in the nanometer range in various technological areas, as well as in the tasks of certification and control of nanoindustry products.

Modes and techniques:
  • hardware and software compatibility with the universal measurement module "NanoScan-3D";
  • Hardware and software compatibility with the atomic force microscope module "NanoScan-4D";
  • construction of surface topography by scanning in the modes of scanning probe and atomic force microscopy.
  • Technical specifications:
  • limiting measurement range along the XYZ axes: 500 µm;
  • resolution on all three axes (not worse): 0.01 nm;
  • level of interferometer's own noise, standard deviation in the frequency band from 1 Hz to 1 kHz (not more than): 1 nm;
  • non-orthogonality of displacement measurement axes: 0.01 radian;
  • range of measured phase shifts: ±1×104 radians;
  • Phase shift measurement system resolution: 10-4 radians;
  • measurement time resolution: 1 ms;
  • maximum scanning speed:100 µm/sec;
  • heat dissipation in the working area (not more than) 5 W.
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