For 20 years FSBI «TISNCM» has been a domestic leader in the field design of analytic Instrumentation for the material surface mechanical properties testing. «NanoScan» family scanning nano-hardness testers have been developed and manufactured since 1995.

Chronology of «NanoScan»

Сканирующий зондовый микроскоп-нанотвердомер НаноСкан


1995 – Establishment of STC «Superhard Materials»

1997 – The first scientific article mentioning «NanoScan»

1998 – Reorganization of STC «Superhard Materials» into FSI «TISNCM»

1999 – The first «NanoScan» delivered to the consumer MIS&S

2005 – The second generation of devices: «Super NanoScan» and «NanoScan-Compact»

2008 – Registered trademarks «НаноСкан» and «NanoScan»

2008 – The third generation of devices: «NanoScan-3D»

2014 – The fourth generation of devices: «NanoScan-4D»


The design of the systems is based on the modular approach. The final configuration of the devices is selected individually according to the particular customer’s needs and requirements. Configuration of a «NanoScan» measurement platform can contain the following modules:

  • indentation module;
  • optical microscope module;
  • atomic force microscope module;
  • universal module for nano-mechanical measurements;
  • module for the electrical properties measurement;
  • lateral force sensor;
  • in-situ scanning unit;
  • heating stage.

Flagship model «NanoScan-4D» realizes more than 30 different measuring techniques, covering all major types of measurement of physical and mechanical properties at the submicron and nanometer linear dimension scale.
«NanoScan» devices have a high degree of the automatization of measurements. The control software allows you to configure almost any set of measurement that can be run without the operator’s intervention. This feature is particularly useful for the technical control of the materials quality.

The software allows to perform the processing of a batch of the files, allows to inspect the overall result for all of the measurements by mean of the appropriate type of visualization, shows statistical parameters. These functionalities allow to use «NanoScan» not only in the research but also in the industrial laboratories.

Specialized modifications of the nanohardness tester «NanoScan-4D» are used in industrial environments for the technological control.

Original technical solutions used in the «NanoScan» devices are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. «NanoScan» is registered trademark of FSBI TISNCM.